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Remedial Teaching, coaching and tutoring

About ShuTeaches

ShuTeaches offers affordable tailor-made educational guidance for every child. ShuTeaches aims to guide students with learning difficulties and/or disadvantages in their development and to restore their self-confidence. This may concern a small backlog where a short tutoring process is sufficient. Sometimes the problems are a bit bigger and a Remedial Teaching trajectory a better choice. I have several affordable trajectories for students of de primary, secondary and MBO education. 

ShuTeaches offers a great coaching trajectory for visual thinkers.

,By organizing accessible and affordable peer groups for gifted children, I am committed to greater diversity and inclusivity among gifted people in the Nissewaard region. 


Take a look at this site for more information about ShuTeaches

Students in Classroom


Zaanstraat 23, 3207 BT Spijkenisse, Netherlands


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