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image thinking

Learning disabilities, dyslexia, AD(H)D, autism, PDD-NOS?
Practically tackling learning problems with the training 'I learn differently'.

Research shows that students with a learning disability or dyslexia often think in images, not in words. As a result, the teaching material is not understood and remembered. Education does not suit all ways of thinking, because most people (±95%) learn through hearing. Only a small group learns visually.

Tutoring often does not help enough because they then receive more information in the wrong way. By translating the information into images, this group can master the teaching material. During a short training you learn to apply this technique yourself. Ideal to be able to follow the lesson material in the classroom.


Immediate result.
During the first session, the student can immediately tell whether this learning method works for him or her. Stop struggling with schoolwork. This learning method has been proven effective.



Think of the word SEAT. What do you see?

Do you see letters: SEAT or a picture?

If you see a picture, take the test on:



Primary school training I learn differently teaches you to
translate information into YOUR information system:
visually. You can also apply this (in the future)
in subjects such as history, geography and
foreign languages.


Training content (± 4 to 6 sessions) 

* Memorize information
* Language: spell, read

* Arithmetic: Plus and minus sums, multiplications and divisions.

* Telling time

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Alle video's

Alle video's
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HB Speelmiddag

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Wat is beelddenken, leermethode Ik leer anders

Wat is beelddenken, leermethode Ik leer anders

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