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Shurenska Djinga

I am a very enthusiastic, child-oriented, creative person and mother of two grown men.


In addition to parenting, I am also a very inquisitive person. After my studies I had various jobs in education and childcare. By following various studies, courses and workshops I have been able to immerse myself in all kinds of contemporary problems and developments surrounding the development of children.


Through all these activities and my own children I came into contact with a large group of children with various behavioral and developmental problems and a passion has arisen to help these children and their parents. Among these children were also many gifted people and visual thinkers who got stuck because of the education that did not suit them. 

As a single parent of two gifted children, I know that it is sometimes financially difficult to get the right help for your child. Tutoring, remedial teaching and coaching are often unaffordable for many parents.


I started ShuTeaches based on the idea that there should be affordable help for every child.

Elementary School Student
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