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Education is only appropriate if it takes children's opportunities as its starting point.

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plus class

Setting up a plus class can be very tricky. Questions such as who are allowed in the plus class? What does a good program look like and how do we translate it to the classroom? These are all kinds of questions that arise when starting the plus class. ShuTeaches looks at these questions together with you. It is even possible to completely outsource the plus class.

Leraar en Young Student

Remedial Teaching

For some students, the support at levels 1&2 is not enough. In those situations, I can supervise several students individually or in small groups at school.

The support consists of:

  • Individual guidance

  • Goal-oriented and intensive work

  • Customized help.

  • Learning to deal with a learning problem/disorder

  •  Act-oriented working

Een toets maken

Guidance for the gifted.

Gifted students may have learning difficulties because their learning style matches the way the school offers the material. This can make them underperform or start to doubt themselves.

Together with the student, school and parents, I look at the best way to guide this student to successful learning.


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